What is The Underground Society?

The Underground Society is a PFP collection comprised of 5,000 NFTs.
The holders of this collection receive unique benefits tied directly to the products and services of UGS Labs.
In development, it was important for us to provide as much value to our holders as possible: we provide Utility, Art, Lore, and Community.
With this in mind, let's quickly point out some features:
Art: The collection is comprised of over 900 conditionally formatted layers.
Lore: We have a fleshed out lore, including a whole universe, with a prologue and chapters that are released monthly.
Community: With three factions and five classes per faction, we will give the ability for the community to participate and eventually take over how these chapters end and where the story progresses. Through gamified and engaging systems, these factions will compete for prizes and punishment: much like a choose-your-own adventure book.